Born and raised in Santo Domingo on a Febrary 3, aspiring artist and music lover from an early age.

Already made a direct approach to music in 2003 where he joined the International Bachata band Afixiao, then in 2006 he worked with other artists, such as the Bachata singer Alexa Velez. He had the opportunity to acquire the experience of not only singing, dancing, and producing but also interpreting several musical genres.

One of his goals in life, as a Dominican artist, is to make the urban music genre accessible to everyone around the world. His music combines rhythms and fusions of other musical genres such as DanceHall, R&b, Trap… He’s trying to introduce new fusions as contributions to the musical genre.

In 2011, Dary’O which in honor of his father Dario, decides to take his solo career following his dream to be become an outstanding singer. He’s released several singles and videos, which are appreciated by his fans. As a very passionate artist, Dary’O is motivated more than ever to take his music career to the next level.

DaryO - Adicto de tu Sexo en QTV
DaryO – Adicto de tu Sexo en QTV